Are you a Small Business Battler?

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Are you a Small Business Battler?

If you’re a small business owner, we salute you. 

We know that your role is so much more than what it says on your business card! 

As small business owners, we often wear not just the hat of ‘Plumber’, ‘Hairdresser’ or ‘Photographer’ in our business, but every other hat, role and task it takes to keep our businesses moving.

So, are you a Small Business Battler? 

Have a read through the questions below and see how many you find yourself identifying with! We have also thrown in some of our top tips to help you out with each area.

  1. Do you feel like you spend every moment working in, not on, your business?

This is always the biggest battle – you started your business to offer amazing IT services, but now you are also in charge of finances, human resources, marketing and more! Just getting the daily work done is often a full-time job, let alone planning for growth, improving your processes and doing the other development tasks needed to take your business to the next level. We get it. 

Our top tip – block it out. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a week to start with, block out spaces in your calendar to work on your business and refuse to answer phone calls or do any work. This is the time to review, plan ahead and take the growth steps required to keep you moving forward.  

  1. Do you know that if you don’t do the task – it doesn’t get done?

As a small business owner, it’s all on you. Especially if you don’t have staff yet, anything that needs to be done has to be done by you… or does it? 

Our top tip – make a list of your A, B and C tasks. A tasks are 100% you because they need your skills and experience, B tasks are ones that need to be done by you now, but could be handed to someone later once you create a process or system around it, and C tasks can be done by anyone after you show them once. C tasks can include invoicing, research, cleaning, data entry, running payroll… you get the idea. Get brave and hand them over! Even if you can’t hire someone full-time, you can hire a VA overseas by the hour or pay your niece or nephew some pocket money. If you can get 1-2 hours of C tasks off your list every week – how much more could you do in or on your business?   

  1. Is every payday a celebration because you know you earned every cent on your own?

Yes! Soak this moment in Battlers, you earned it. 

Our top tip? Learn to celebrate! We are so busy taking care of the next thing that we forget to celebrate that amazing customer review, another accepted quote or that YOU paid yourself for another week through your own hard work and skills. That’s worth celebrating! 

  1. Do you find it hard asking for help – or feel like you’re failing if you do?

This is another big one, so let us remind you again – asking for help is a sign of strength and insight. It’s what smart, motivated people do because they know they can’t do everything on their own and they want to work smarter, not harder. 

Our top tip? Find a business mentor, someone who is where you want to be, and get their permission to be your go-to when you need help. If you get permission in advance, then you’ll feel okay reaching out when you need it. Also, take advantage of the Digital Solutions program, it’s full of amazing resources and advisors you can book in for digital and general business help when you need it and it’s been created specifically to support Small Business Battlers like you! 

  1. Do your clients become more like friends and you feel proud of the work you do for them?

This is one of the huge joys of small business – you are on the front lines helping and connecting with your clients and customers and you get to see the results of your services first-hand. 

Our top tip – make the most of this personal aspect of running a small business by creating customer loyalty programs and rewards, asking for reviews and referrals, and creating loyal relationships that will be the backbone of your business! 

  1. Do you sometimes feel isolated with the full responsibility of being a ‘one-person-band’ running your business?

We are passionate about combating the isolation and loneliness that can often come with small business ownership – please don’t battle on your own! Not only is it demotivating, it also kills creativity and the joy of what you do and can be one of the biggest factors behind small business failure. That’s not going to be you!

Our top tip – add networking and learning to your business life and marketing strategy. Find your local networking group for small business and build relationships! Spending time connecting, collaborating with and supporting other Battlers around you who are experiencing the same things is a game-changer. Workshops and business events are also great ways to upskill while meeting other motivated, like-minded business owners.

And finally…

 Do you feel like you never stop working but you’d never go back to working for someone else because you love what you do?

Take a moment to remember why you started your business and every reason why you are still doing what you are doing. Because we know you love it – and that’s more than enough reason to keep battling it out!

So, did you answer YES to many, if not all, of those questions?

Then you should feel proud – you’re a Small Business Battler!

We could ask many more questions, but in short, be proud of what you are doing, how hard you work and how far you’ve come. 

Yes, there are plenty of hardships, struggles and tough days, but these are also balanced by all the joys of being your own boss, building something of your own, ticking goals and making your own success.

 The key to thriving as a Small Business Battler is knowing that you don’t have to battle on your own. 

That’s where we want to come in. It’s time to accept some help Battler, in fact, it’s time to claim it – because you deserve it. 

The Digital Solutions program was created for you. All our advisors are small business owners and battlers themselves, so they get it and are passionate about helping you achieve, succeed and thrive.

Don’t struggle with writing your own copy, figuring out social media, testing digital ads, updating your own website, or planning out your marketing strategy on your own – just book in a skilled advisor who can help you get it done in half the time, with the right advice. 

You’re not alone – we’re here to help your business grow however we can. 

Just get in touch with us for more information, to ask questions or find out more about the Digital Solutions program.

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