Auditing and updating your social media

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Auditing and updating your social media

Setting up a Facebook Page can be done in just under 5 minutes – crazy right? But in truth, you are not putting your best foot forward when you do not take the time and effort to ensure your Business Facebook Page accurately represents your business.

The same is true of almost any social media account or profile – it can be set up so quickly but sadly, it can deteriorate just as fast. All of our presence online is a direct reflection of our business.

In this busy world, we seldom take the time to go back and review ANY of our social media once it has been setup. Sadly, this means that it is often inaccurate and for potential customers, they can get confused and simply give up rather than reaching out to work with us.

Ideally, you should be reviewing your social media accounts every three months. This can seem like a waste of time but realistically, things are constantly changing in our business and it is easy to let this task slide. I use the BAS quarterly deadline as my reminder to jump in and check all my socials but you can also consider the change of seasons as a guide but either way, you want something in your calendar that prompts you to spend a couple of hours reviewing all your socials.

Once you get into the habit of reviewing your social media accounts regularly, the task will start to take less time. For this first review, I would suggest that you allocate 2-3 hours to this task.

Getting Started

For many of us, the first step in reviewing our social media accounts is to take stock of what accounts we have and where. I would suggest that you pop in your business name into Google and see what results come back. This should give you a list of all social media platforms that you have a profile on. You may also wish to do a Google search on your name just to check you don’t have any random accounts out there.

Once you have a clear picture of what social media platforms you have profiles or accounts on, I would suggest that you capture this information somewhere. This might be a Trello board, a note on your phone, it doesn’t really matter where or how you do it so long as you remember where you put it for future reference.

Be honest!

Now before we launch into some strategies to improve how your accounts or profiles look, let’s take stock. I want you to look at when the last time you posted or were active on the platform? How often are you logging in, interacting as well as commenting and posting?

Remember, this is not a witch hunt or an opportunity for you to be critical of yourself. If you have a profile and have just not used it, shut it down and move on. It’s ok. The world of social media moves quickly, we grow, and our business evolves. All of these are very valid reasons for why a profile on a specific platform no longer serves us.

If you have a profile and it is inactive, this reflects poorly on our business. You DO NOT need to be everywhere! You need to choose a couple of platforms and do them well. Find your ideal customers and go hang out with them.

The only exception to this rule is Google My Business – every business needs to have a profile set up on here – END OF STORY! For more information about setting up and optimising a Google My Business account, please read this blog on our website.

Key Information

I recommend that you look at the key components of your profile or account on all platforms that you are present on. This should involve reviewing aspects including your account handle (or name) to ensure it is still current and correct. Also your profile image – is it the latest version of your logo or have you updated it? So often we forgot about certain accounts and these start to look less and less like our business.

Once you are happy with the “first impression” aspect of your profile, I want you to review and check all of your contact information. Make sure there are no typos, that your phone number is still current and most importantly, check both your email and website are correct. I would strongly advise that you simply copy and paste your web address as this brings across the full URL for example: Google prefers full URLs rather than just typing – it is so easy to mistype your URL and when we are using anything online, it is always preferable to copy that full URL.

Review past posts or content

Then next step in auditing your profiles is to check what you have posted. Remember, potential customers will often scroll through your posts to get a feel for you. It is important that they get a good impression. It is perfectly acceptable to delete past posts if you feel they are no longer accurate or simply because a promotion has passed. Your profile is just that – YOURS. You can control the content so do not be afraid to curate it accordingly.

Rinse and repeat

Now I know the first time you review and audit your social media, it is likely to take a little while. This is time well spent as we keep our online presence up to date and accurate. The final step is to now diarise that regular quarterly review. Remember, if you do this often, it is likely to take less time – let’s say an hour every three months.

About the author

Sarah Thomson has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and communications, with the last 10 years focused on digital marketing. She is the founder and CEO of Online Social Butterfly and specialises in helping businesses with their online marketing strategy using social media. She has a range of online courses that can support business owners when it comes to increasing their skills and confidence online.

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