Can You Still Make Sales Offline in 2021? Try Our Top 3 Offline Sales Strategies for Small Businesses.

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Can You Still Make Sales Offline in 2021? Try Our Top 3 Offline Sales Strategies for Small Businesses.

You might need to sit down for this but we are here to tell you that, yes, offline sales strategies still work!

Shocking to hear in 2021 – we know. 

While the world is moving online, and you absolutely need a solid online marketing strategy, there are still ways to reach new customers and increase your sales without an internet connection.

Here are our 3 strategies to help boost your business sales – offline.

  1. Networking

Yes, this requires face-to-face interaction, and can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but relationships are at the heart of any small business. Networking is still an amazing way to increase your connections and sales – and is relevant to all businesses and industries. 

The key to making networking, well… work, is going into any room with a generous mindset, not with a goal to distribute as many business cards as possible while you are there. Ask people how you can help them, follow through with an invite to catch up for a coffee and focus on building a relationship. If you help another small business to grow, they will help you in return! 

Pick one or two local networking events or groups to start engaging with, go regularly and watch the impact it will have on your personal and business growth. 

  1. Target mailboxes, not inboxes.

When was the last time you received a package or letter in your physical mailbox that wasn’t ‘junk’ mail? Were you excited and interested to open it? 

Reaching out with targeted mail can be an amazing way to secure meetings and build relationships – that might even turn into partnerships! Find 5-10 companies you would love to partner with; if you’re in real estate, that may be Mortgage Brokers; if you have a product, it might be gifting companies; if you are a gardening company, it might be Property Managers… get the idea?

Then, create a fun and interesting way to show up in their mailbox, following up with a call, with the goal of getting a meeting or shouting them a coffee to explore collaborations. It could be dropping off something tasty for them to eat during their staff meeting, or a brightly coloured envelope with a small gift inside – something that stands out from their usual bills in white envelopes!

  1. Customer Love

How do you look after your regular customers to make them feel awesome about working with you? Could you step that up even more?

Figure out who are your top 10% (or even 2-3 if your are just starting out) regular customers and create some ideas on engaging with them even more.

  • Hold a VIP event to make them feel special.
  • Personally gift them with a voucher or two they can share with a friend or family member.
  • Send them an ‘anniversary’ gift or signed postcard from your whole team to thank them for X years of being a customer
  • Invite them along to a networking event as your special guest (if they also have a business) so you can help them make useful connections to grow their own business.

They are already a fan of what you do, so develop the relationship even further and help them become an extension of your marketing team!

Looking for ways to boost your online sales as well? Check out our blog here for some top tips on increasing your sales and reaching more customers online.

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