Applying for Grants – Made Easy

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Applying for Grants – Made Easy

Presented by Alice Langford

This is an introductory session that will provide you with a basic understanding on how to get started.

about the presenter

Alice provides guidance and advice, from ideas and start-up to growth and succession, across a variety of industries. She is passionate about engaging in networks and implementing growth strategies.  Alice has engaged in business development programs for over 20 years, comprising of small business training and development, economic development programs, governance, business strategy and planning, business networks, international distribution, project management and grant funding.

Strengths include the ability to troubleshoot and identify holistic strategies across all areas of the small business with particular emphasis on assisting the business owner/manager to achieve solutions, plans and connections to solutions that will create more confidence in the business to revive, implement strategies and grow.  Alice has walked on both sides of the street – in Government and business and has exceptional skills in clarifying gaps and filling the gaps with a broad skills base from practical (business experience) and theoretical (qualifications in Business Management and Training, Emotional Intelligence and IT)

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