Ask me ANYTHING ‘Social Media’

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Ask me ANYTHING ‘Social Media’

Presented by Renee Dembowski

PLEASE NOTE: To register for this event you must be a business (0-19 employees) and provide your ABN.

Are you out of touch with the latest tools, tips and best practice when it comes to using social media for your business?

The digital world is ever evolving, it can be hard to keep up! In this session I will answer your questions about the most frequent used platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. No question is too big or too small (OR silly).

If you’ve want someone to break down aspects of social media specific to your business/industry or to get more clients and build your business using social media, this is the workshop for you.

Some common questions we will cover:

  • Am I set up properly? (Bring your laptop, we’ll take a look)
  • What should I post about?
  • What platforms should I be on?
  • How do I run an ad?
  • How do I attract new clients?
  • How do I get more leads?
  • How do I improve my reach, engagement and brand awareness online?
  • Do I need to boost my posts? How do I boost my posts?
  • I’ve lost access to my page, how do I get it back?
  • Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page? Why?
  • How can I manage social media efficiently? I have very little time!
  • Bring your laptop, this is a practical, hands on workshop.

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program.

About Digital Solutions - Australian Small Business Advisory Services

ASBAS is one of the most generously supported digital transformation programs for small business by the Commonwealth Government. This iteration of the program has been run by Business Station in QLD, WA and NT for three years and has had a significant positive impact on the small business community.

This event will give you the chance to learn about the details of the program, what’s on offer and who can access the free or highly subsidised support, training and resources! Perhaps you will find them beneficial for yourselves, your network or your clients.

To better understand what’s on offer, we will encourage each attendee to register themselves to the program before the event, or otherwise by attending this workshop, you will be registered.

about the presenter

Social Butterfly Marketing founder and CEO Renee Dembowski is an innovative trailblazer in the exciting world of social media. With fresh ideas and a penchant for predicting the next big thing, Renee has successfully transformed a flair for social media strategy into an award-winning enterprise.

In 2017, Renee was the first person in Australia to be awarded the Diploma of Social Media Marketing and now, as an industry recognised trainer, she is catapulting other aspiring hopefuls into the profession. In addition to delivering the Diploma, Renee specialises in offering an eight-week online Social Media Intensive course for individuals and businesses.

Before this, Renee was first across the line in the nation’s racing fashion stakes with the introduction of Virtual Fashions on the Field. This ground-breaking initiative reached a staggering 5.9 million people throughout the Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival – an impressive 380 per cent increase.

Her pièce de résistance, however, has been the much-talked-about Cairns Eye Social Butterfly campaign, which has seen Renee voted in the top 5 Social Media Marketers and awarded the Most Innovative Use of Social Media – in the Social Media Marketing Awards, Australia and New Zealand.

The concept provided a platform for businesses to further leverage social media, while building brand loyalty and driving business. It included a highly competitive online contest for the coveted title of Cairns Eye Social Butterfly – a 12-month paid position including use of a sponsored vehicle and the opportunity to attend events and review products and services.

This campaign attracted national attention and garnered naming rights sponsorship from Newscorp. Renee is also one of two ingenious minds behind the highly successful She Means Business online community.

As well as training clients to run their own campaigns, Renee and her dynamic team can develop, implement, track and adjust social media strategies for any business.


  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment (updated 2019)
  • Diploma in Government (Management)
  • Current: Social Media Crisis Management Program

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