Authentic Authority – Deliver Your Message with Calm Authority

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Authentic Authority – Deliver Your Message with Calm Authority

Presented by Stewart Fleming

Your stomach is full of butterflies, your palms are moist with anxious sweat and you know you are going to forget your words, even though you have practiced. Sound familiar?

If you get nervous about speaking in public or find yourself putting off making that essential business phone call, then you might need help controlling our nerves.

Learn to harness your Authentic Authority as Stewart explains the science behind anxiety and how to effectively and easily overcome nerves using practical, applicable examples.

About Digital Solutions - Australian Small Business Advisory Services

Digital Solutions is one of the most generously supported digital transformation programs for small business by the Commonwealth Government. This iteration of the program has been run by Business Station in QLD, WA and NT for three years and has had a significant positive impact on the small business community.

This event will give you the chance to learn about the details of the program, what’s on offer and who can access the free or highly subsidised support, training and resources! Perhaps you will find them beneficial for yourselves, your network or your clients.

To better understand what’s on offer, we will encourage each attendee to register themselves to the program before the event, or otherwise by attending this workshop, you will be registered.

about the presenter

Stewart Fleming has been called the Australian King of Coaching. He founded Coaching Life magazine, interviewing over 350 of the world’s top coaches, picking tips and techniques from the best. He has also founded over 30 other companies and has served on the board of many others.

As a certified ICF Professional Coach, he now helps a select few businesses also reach their potential. He currently coaches leadership in several of Australia’s biggest companies and continuing to walk the entrepreneurial walk, he personally runs 4 businesses, serves on 2 company boards and is the President of the Logan Chamber of Commerce.

Working with Stewart is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

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