Beat the Blank Page; create a content explosion in your business


Beat the Blank Page; create a content explosion in your business

Online Workshop
Presented by Lisa Kniebe

Whether you’re writing for socials, blogs, email marketing or newsletters, beating the blank page is the first step to creating consistent and compelling content in your business.

Does this sound familiar? When you try to write content you get into creative grid-lock –

  • Ideas disappear
  • You can barely string a sentence together
  • You sound boring (or worse, like a carbon copy of everyone else)

There is an easier way. When it comes to beating the blank page, most business owners are using the ‘wrong’ part of their brain!

I want to share with you a few simple tips, tools and structures that will make writing easy! Let me show you how to unlock your inner creative, so you can create an explosion of ideas for your content. (Don’t believe you have an inner creative? She’s in there and with my help we’ll set her free.)

With these tools you’ll find it quick and easy to generate content ideas for your Facebook page, LinkedIn articles or blogs I’ll show you how to beat the blank page when it comes to your content writing, so you can make your business shine online.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to find your natural writing style
  2. Tricks to get past the blank page
  3.  How to organise and sort your ideas
  4. Steps to develop an idea into a content piece

about the presenter

Hi I'm Lisa,

Fast thinking Gemini with a restless heart and a passion for words!

I help business owners communicate their value online with clear, structured and compelling messaging.

My speciality is online courses and launching, this brings together my background in education and copywriting. It's here that I teach and coach business owners to take their knowledge, content and services and package them into online courses that are designed to sell.

My clients love the energy I bring to every session, whether we’re collaborating on their website content, social messaging or email marketing, I bring structure and clarity to their ideas.


  • BA Hons English Literature
  • Grad. Dip. Education
  • Registered General Nurse
  • Click Colours Facilitator

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