Big Mistakes 90% of Businesses are making online

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Big Mistakes 90% of Businesses are making online

Presented by Stuart George

Learn the mistakes the SMEs are making with their online presence + the steps you can take to avoid these areas - keep your business growing not slowing

about the presenter

At the age of 15, Stuart was flying solo in an unpowered glider, 11,000 ft above sea level, admiring the curvature of the earth. Not even old enough to drive a car. A life-changing moment. This feat gave Stuart the confidence to tackle anything that has come his way. Steep learning curves were always there despite the challenges, it was this perspective he gained with these early adventures truly set him up for the future. A proving ground for being committed to completion; you don’t get a second chance at a landing. Adaption and resilience are the core skills learned in these early years.

That commitment is now put to work as CEO of CKP Creative. Seeing the big picture view of each business, what is missing then guiding how to grow, improve online presence and business flow. This perspective on business is unique always seeing the things most businesses miss.

Stuart gained a vast portfolio of skills over the past 30 years in business and his professional career as a business owner from the age of 20. Electrician, touring session singer, saxophonist, composer, Apple Certified Trainer, video + music production, digital marketing, social media and web design. He has been there, done that, failed and succeeded – learning every step of the way. . A thirst for knowledge means; this skill base is constantly growing and evolving.

Talking about business + digital and helping you to succeed is his driving passion.

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