Communication and Negotiation

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Communication and Negotiation

Presented by Greg Kinnaird

When we communicate, we say more than just our words. We communicate intention, method, priorities, emotion and conviction.

This program focuses on the communication needed in small- and medium-sized businesses to influence and guide staff. Without good communication we can lose our most influential tool with staff and our potential client base.

This program will give leaders:

  • Opportunities to develop key communication skills and insight into how to inspire others, using positive and effective techniques.
  • A clear understanding of negotiation techniques for dealing with conflict or deadlocks in accordance with a negotiation plan.
  • Knowledge in the use of meetings and other formats to effectively communicate with their staff.
  • Ways to boost their confidence and others that communication is successful and leading to more effective outcomes.

about the presenter

Greg has extensive experience working with businesses in Australia and Asia around leadership, organisational development, project management and talent management.

Greg has worked with companies such as Rio Tinto, Cliffs Natural Resources, Blackmores, Hyundai and Telstra.

Greg works extensively with organisations around organisational development, leadership, and team development.

Greg holds qualifications in Business Administration, Leadership and Training including Project Management.

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