Developing the Leader

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Developing the Leader

Presented by Greg Kinnaird

This is our two-day program built around understanding the importance leadership plays in setting culture, building a business and expanding your profits.

Part two of the program is intensively personalised. It is about understanding yourself as the leader including your strengths, vulnerabilities, needs and opportunities. This is the leadership growth curve and for most small-to-medium businesses, the growth of the leader directs the growth of the business.

Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Understand the role of leaders in creating team alignment to support organisational transformation.
  2. Understand the role, responsibility and expectations the workplace leadership.
  3. Learn how to achieve objectives set out in an operational plan through the use of performance planning.
  4. Learn how to identify individual development requirements and plan towards achievement of short and long-term career goals.
  5. Be aware of your own leadership style and what it takes to successfully lead teams.
  6. Be able to become more successful in dealing with others through improved self-awareness and enhanced social skills.

about the presenter

Greg has extensive experience working with businesses in Australia and Asia around leadership, organisational development, project management and talent management.

Greg has worked with companies such as Rio Tinto, Cliffs Natural Resources, Blackmores, Hyundai and Telstra.

Greg works extensively with organisations around organisational development, leadership, and team development.

Greg holds qualifications in Business Administration, Leadership and Training including Project Management.

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