Finding balance between business, family & yourself

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Finding balance between business, family & yourself

Presented by Claire Maradani

The great Australian dream has shifted from owning a home, to finding work-life balance. But is true balance even realistic? Is there another option for those who own their own businesses and don’t yet have the 9am to 4.21pm, Monday to Friday work routine? And would you even want that?

For some, balance comes in the form of more time with family. For others it’s more time traveling. To some it’s a four day working week. For yet others, it’s about doing work they can believe in. So is there even a prescription for what work-life balance really is for the small business owner? And what is realistic in this “open 7 days” life?

Claire Maradani is a woman, a mother and a successful business owner. While her life may appear to have balance, it hasn’t always been that way. Claire will share her journey, where you will learn:

- What balance means to different people
- The reality of growing a business and growing a family
- What lessons Claire learned from her journey
- How to prioritise when everyone is requiring your attention
- How to define what balance you want in your life

about the presenter

Claire is a well-respected leadership consultant and business improvement specialist. She helps transform organisations’ culture, leadership and management teams to build harmonious and productive workplaces.

Her extensive business experience includes an international corporate career managing large marketing teams in North America and Asia.

Claire went on to own two recruitment companies in Australia servicing the USA and UAE before starting TREETI in 2009.


  • Dip Bus Mgmt (COTAH)
  • Dip Bus Admin (NCB)
  • DiSC Accredited
  • Trained mediator with the Dispute Resolution Branch (DRB)
  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • NLP Certified
  • Landmark Global Wisdom Course

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