Foundations & Reset Part 1 – Online, 20 April 2021, 7PM

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Foundations & Reset Part 1 – Online, 20 April 2021, 7PM

Online Workshop
Presented by Pink Owls Consultancy

Whether you’re needing a secondary income stream, starting a small business, or you’re a small businesswoman facing a loss of motivation and direction, this course is designed for you.

Over two workshops, with the option of a 1:1 mentoring session, you will gain clarity around your ‘business why’ and clarify the values that motivate and guide you. Without this clarity, it is difficult to create a mindset that you will sustain you in business for the long haul. And we all know that business is a marathon, not a sprint.

about the presenter

Pink Owls Consultancy, led by Kelley Chisholm and Kate Hewett, has more than 30 years of experience in small business start-ups, business development and executive leadership.

Kelley co-founded a building demolition and recycling business that expanded to importing goods across Australia and establishing a local mill. She spent a decade working in a COO role for a large social enterprise and community development organisation. She currently leads an international charity focused on helping women in the developing world establish businesses for independence and self-sufficiency.

Kate has worked in small business in both the accommodation and home-based business spaces. She has built these side incomes whilst working as a teacher and raising a family. She is passionate about helping women build other streams of income to supplement their family wealth. She is a certified Life Coach with skills to support people with holistic development.

Together Kelley and Kate’s specific expertise is best seen in the following fields:

  • Growing the Leader
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Sound Foundations for Business Practice
  • Maintaining Values in Parallel with Brand Consistency
  • Training for High Performance

Kelley and Kate are equally effective in group facilitated training workshops or 1:1 mentoring or coaching.

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