Getting started with SEO for small business

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Getting started with SEO for small business

Online Workshop

In this session we’ll start by using free tools and techniques to extract a better understanding of what your customers are searching for, and use this to form the basis of an SEO strategy for your business. Using the insights we discover along the way, we’ll develop the start of a keyword strategy.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

- How search engines work
- Where to find audience insights
- How to uncover and refine a list of keywords / key phrases
- Conducting a quick technical audit of your website
- Resolving common issues affecting SEO
- How to refine your website structure and content to improve SEO
- Improving SEO performance for “cornerstone” content
- Creating “evergreen” content for longer term SEO value
- How to avoid common pitfalls and performance issues
- How to tell if a supplier is selling snake oil or a success formula

Part information exchange / part walkthrough – this session will provide you with some of the free online resources you can use to improve your understanding of SEO. We’ll also look at using the SEOPress plugin for managing SEO performance on a Wordpress website, although the information we go through is universal for any website, regardless of platform it is built on.

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