Grow Your Business With DIY Videos

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Grow Your Business With DIY Videos

Presented by Reg Sorrell

In this workshop I’ll explain what you need to do to produce your own videos for your business. You’ll come away with basic knowledge of what is needed to produce videos in preparation for the next workshop DIY Video Production 201.

Part One

- Purpose
- Planning
- Script
- Preparing to Shoot Your Video
- Basic Equipment List
- Shoot Day
- Preparing for the Edit

Part Two

- Basic Camera Operation
- Capturing Good Sound
- Basic Lighting
- How to Shoot a Scene
- How to Shoot an Interview
- Equipment Suggestions for Part 2
- Preparing for Let’s Shoot Your Video

Thanks for booking. As this is an intro, not much is required from you as all slides will be provided via a cloud folder.

Please remember to book Part 2 "Let's Shoot Your DIY Business Video"

about the presenter

Reg Sorrell of Online Videos Perth is passionate about helping businesses take advantage of the worlds insatiable appetite for digital content. Having witnessed the world go video crazy, Reg saw the opportunity to take his extensive TV production background and help business leaders produce engaging video content.

Video is one of the fastest ways to build a relationship with your market. Reg is passionate about showing business people how video can be used as a tool to increase lead generation, convert browsers into buyers and eventually increase profits.

Reg worked in UK TV for 10 years. Shows include; “Big Brother’s Little Brother” hosted by Russell Brand, “I’m Famous & Frightened: Get Me Out of Here”, “Ghost on the Underground”, “Property Ladder” hosted by Sarah Beeney and “House Auction”. He also has 6,000 hours as a Studio Director in UK TV.

When he isn’t behind a camera or planning video strategy, you will find Reg at the basketball.

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