How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Avatar

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How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Online Workshop
Presented by Neda Farzad

Reaching the right audience was the #1 challenge, frustration, or concern of many small business owners!

Sometimes as small business owners we gets so focused on WHAT we’re selling that we forget to think about WHO we’re selling it to.

This is the kiss of death for a marketing campaign, and sometimes even an entire business.

You could have the greatest product on earth, but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person—you’re never going to hit your sales numbers.

That’s why understanding your ideal customer avatar (AKA buyer persona) is so important.

Learning about your customer avatar and who they are and explore a proven methodology for going deeper in your customer research than you’ve ever gone before, will help you to get to know your customers’ fears and deepest desires is vital to build for a compassionate, connected, and profitable business.

In this workshop, you’ll learn;

- What is an Ideal Customer Avatar is and why do you need it.
- My Two Method to Consider when Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar
- How to Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar
- Finally, we’re going to walk through examples to inspire you to create your own
- Free Ideal Customer Avatar Questionnaire

about the presenter

Neda has 20 years of extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, growth strategy, operations management, project management, team leadership, asset management in Public-Private Partnership contracts, and customer service.

She built and sold 2 businesses of her own and worked with small, medium and large business in industries. In her business journey she have had a lot of successes and experienced a lot of mistakes along the way. This is the reason she’s passionate about helping businesses to make sure they don’t repeat the mistakes other leaders and herself made.

Neda helps businesses with:

  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy (online and off-line)
  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising
  • Business and Personal Branding
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Sales and Marketing Funnel
  • Lead Generation
  • Creating Offers
  • Sales and Conversion process
  • Client Nurture
  • Business and Leadership Coaching
  • Squarespace website design and development

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