Increase your Sales without the hard sell

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Increase your Sales without the hard sell

Presented by Kevin Miller

Delivery Method: Face to Face Workshop

In this workshop you will learn simple and effective ways to improve your own personal sales skills and convert more business, by acting professionally and satisfying your clients needs. This session is for any business owner looking to improve their sales performance and learn how to improve this skill.

During this workshop we will cover:

  1. Techniques for qualifying your new client effectively and accurately
  2. Phrases and wording that will help you close more business
  3. An overview of the sales process for any business

You will learn:

  • How to be more confident in sales
  • Tools and software that is available to aid your sales processes
  • Techniques to overcome objections and close the deal
  • Follow up tips and tricks
  • What to say and more importantly what NOT to say to potential new clients

This workshop is designed for NEIS participants, if you’re not part of NEIS program, please select other available workshops or contact Business Station 1300 4 ASBAS

about the presenter

I’m Kevin Miller and I love hearing your business story. After over 15 years of owning and growing a successful multi million dollar family business I understand the challenges and enjoyment of all things small business.

Working with like minded small business owners like you, I love to share my knowledge, experience and more importantly – Energy, to work alongside you and help you succeed. I have the hard skills fine tuned through years of practice in all aspects of running a successful business.

By providing you with the energy, knowledge and encouragement to achieve your goals, my new business is allowing me the opportunity to work alongside like minded people and share your journey.

My other exciting new initiatives The Business Growth Podcast and The Small Business Radio Show on 897FM provide a platform for business owners to share their experiences, raise awareness and more importantly learn and have some fun along the way.
I look forward to getting to know you, learn about your business and help you overcome your business challenges.

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