Introduction to Twitter

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Introduction to Twitter

Presented by Susannah Birch

Twitter may be a niche platform, but it's also an amazing place to grow a brand and start a conversation with your customers and industry peers.

Many people associate Twitter with politics, but with consumers ranging from farmers and startups through to renewable companies and journalists, it's much more than that.

This workshop will take you through the basics of Twitter, including:

- Crafting tweets;
- Joining conversations;
- Using hashtags;
- Tracking trending topics;
- Growing your account;
- Engaging the media.

about the presenter

Susannah is a digital generalist with a knack for approaching marketing with fun outside the box ideas (and lots of them). She loves content writing, SEO, and discovering and conquering new Social Media platforms, and she’s the co-founder of EAT Digital, a company which offers digital marketing training to small business.

Susannah has spent over a decade in the marketing sector, starting out with her own personal brand and projects, then moving into marketing roles in agencies, medtech, hospitality, and the construction industry. Her non-traditional entry into the marketing space included managing a viral disaster page which grew to 40,000 followers in 48 hours and building one of her first websites to 500,000 views per month, primarily through SEO and Pinterest.

When she’s not on Twitter, Susannah loves spending her time blogging, creating content that generates thousands of views and helps small business grow their traffic and leads exponentially.

Susannah is a passionate people person, who enjoys attending networking events and community groups across the region, connecting new faces and ideas with the right people to create unique collaborations and opportunities.

Susannah is also a mental health advocate with lived experience of trauma and recovery, a topic she shares about regularly through her own personal channels.


  • Diploma of Arts (Journalism) – University of Southern Queensland
  • Master of Marketing – Griffith University

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