Market and User Research 101

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Market and User Research 101

Presented by Eunice Sari

Delivery Method: Face to Face Workshop (the session will not be recorded)

Market Research empowers and helps you make the best decisions for you and your business. The insight from the market research will help you understand your customers, competition, and industry better and make data-based decisions that will help you succeed.

This workshop will provide you with fundamental skills on how to do market research for your business, i.e. what methods you should use, how you should gather the data, how much it would cost, and how we can get useful insights from the data.

about the presenter

Dr. Sari is a leading global expert on User Experience with more than 18 years of experience in both industry and academia. She started the first UX company in Indonesia in 2002 (UX Indonesia) and another in Australia in 2019 (Customer Experience Insight Pty Ltd).

She currently focuses on helping organizations and individuals in the Asia Pacific region accelerate digital transformation. She has been part of the earliest Product Design and Strategy expert mentors in the Google Accelerator Program since 2015 and helped hundreds a lot of startups and small businesses in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe. In addition to that, Dr. Sari has also been actively helping small businesses locally in Indonesia and Australia.

Her passion is to grow awareness and understand the importance of User Experience (UX) to improve many areas in the business, technology, social, and design. She has helped companies transforming themselves to design better products and services that people (users and stakeholders) love and great business value. She believes that small businesses have the capacity to achieve this when they receive appropriate direction.

Photo of Eunice Sari, ASBAS advisor.

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