Marketing 2.022: New Year, 5 New Marketing Trends

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Marketing 2.022: New Year, 5 New Marketing Trends

Presented by Hayley Barrett

The rate of change we're currently experiencing is staggering! It's no secret that the business landscape has changed in the past two years, and with it, so has the way we show up online.

The changes we've experienced have had far reaching impact, creating a level of uncertainty and disruption that has pushed many of us way out of our comfort zones. It's in this discomfort that our ability to adapt and innovate becomes increasingly important.

This webinar kicks off the brand new series: Marketing 2.022. This series has been developed based on my own research and experience - all in the name of providing businesses and entrepreneurs with valuable insights and resources that will continue to move the dial forward.

We'll start the series with this webinar - diving into 5 new marketing trends that will save you time, stress and yield greater results. We'll unpack them, talk about how you can apply them and how you can leverage them to create a self-perpetuating business model. Typically, I'd shy away from trends, but the five we'll be discussing are proving their worth...

This webinar is not about overwhelming small business owners with all the different types of social media that you absolutely have to be on to be successful. Instead, we discuss the importance of minimising all the noise and tailoring your marketing efforts to be more targeted, more authentic, and more effective.

about the presenter

Driven by boundless curiosity and a desire to explore beyond her own comfort zone, Hayley finds great fulfilment in empowering purpose-based businesses with the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and sense of adventure to embark into the digital landscape.

Having founded a variety of businesses, including a coworking space, an artspace (not to be confused with an art gallery) and a full-suite creative agency, Hayley understands the rollercoaster ride of building from the ground up. Drawing from her own learnings and her expertise in branding, graphic/web design and digital storytelling, Hayley is intent on equipping people with the skills, knowledge and mindset to accelerate their own business growth.

Hayley abides by the philosophy that people like to do business with people. As such, she is passionate about helping business owners bring the human element to their digital and social presence, which in turn enables connection and ongoing brand loyalty.

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