Mike O’Hagan Series: Why am I in business?

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Mike O’Hagan Series: Why am I in business?


Strap in folks, we have a webinar series you don’t want to miss!

The team at Business Station have teamed up with Australia’s Mr Minimovers, Mike O’Hagan to bring you a series of four webinars to help you learn about Mike’s recipe for success and what not to do if you want to win at the game of business.

Why am I in business?

Mike shares why his first business faulted and what he did about it that lead to the success of MiniMovers. As a leader having a clear vision of the ultimate outcome is essential.

Mike O’Hagan is a “been there, still doing it” kind of guy. With $200 and a Ute, Mike grew a short distance furniture moving business into a professionally managed business that turned over almost $30,000,000 employing about 500 people. That business is the well-known MiniMovers and Mike was the founder and driving force.

Mike then became an expert in Offshoring in the Philippines helping over 500 Business develop their own Offshore Team’s.

Today he chairs several Boards including another growth star – Shore360.

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