Physical Security and Cyber Hygiene

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Physical Security and Cyber Hygiene


Why be a SME Cyber Champion?

Week Eight : Physical Security and Cyber Hygiene – USBs, tailgating, policies and controls to help you manage the cyber risks staff bring to a business.

For most of us, the internet opens up new opportunities especially in business with such challenges as Covid-19. We can shop, bank, research, work and connect when and where we want to. But the online world also gives others (not all criminals) a platform to steal money, information, identities, bully, stalk.

Most small to medium business owners are so busy building their business, they don't realise the ever increasing risks we face online both at work and at home and in between as we use our mobile phones more and more to live through.

Protecting yourself online is NOT JUST about avoiding financial losses. Imagine if all your family photos were suddenly taken from your computer in a cyber attack? Or your personal email contact list was stolen and used to scam your friends and family? The same measures you can use to protect your information from criminals can also save your valued files from accidents, failure and loss. Simple things like backing up your data can protect your valuable personal files, photos and video.

When you share things online you may be sharing with people you do not know or trust. Once a message, photo or video has been shared, you won't be able to control where it goes. Financial losses, scams, identity theft and fraud are some of the more serious issues that you might face if you don’t have things in place to manage how you share your personal information online. Just last week an elderly Perth woman lost $500k in a property scam all because email was compromised

In the first half of 2020 Australians have lost over $77 million to online scams.

Over 45% of these scams occurred through email, many others via text, over the internet or through an online social platform.

Taking care of your business security online is as easy as safeguarding your ‘physical’ assets - locking your doors, using a safe, installing CCTV. By taking the same care of your devices and when working online, you can protect yourself and your business.

This is where Stay Cyber Safe is partnering with Business Stations to help! We will be providing easy to understand tips and techniques for you to stay secure when working, socialising or just browsing online. A good place to start is by registering for one or more of scheduled sessions over the eight weeks and encouraging your business buddies to do the same.

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