Simple Business Planning: Being Strategic

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Simple Business Planning: Being Strategic

Online Workshop
Presented by Rhonwyn Learner

Build the foundations of your business plan by thinking about the long game.

Where are you headed? What are you really doing?

This workshop won’t just give you a lecture on goal setting…. you’re going to learn about lateral thinking and how to master any obstacle to build a clever and resilient business model.

We’ll also unravel the basic components of a business plan and how to avoid unnecessary fodder in putting one together.

Want to just do a one-page business plan – that’s ok. Want a thorough outlook that you can put in front of an investor – we’ll give you the template for that too.

Create something that works for you and the way you want to run your business.

*This workshop is a stand-alone workshop, or can be taken as part of a series of 6 workshops to complete a full business plan.

about the presenter

Rhonwyn Learner from Business In Training is your ultimate technical generalist and start up strategist. Working with small businesses since 2006, she has built up a wealth of knowledge in how to manoeuvre through the unknown with no problem too big or too small. Rhonwyn is dedicated to outcomes and will help you define exactly what your next step is.

With Bachelor degrees in Commerce and Behavioural Science, she understands the mechanics AND the daunting mental journey of starting, managing and growing a business. Rhonwyn brings humour and life into even the most mundane of business topics. Whether it’s learning your first email program, making your business WHS compliant, or even growing your emotional intelligence in Leadership, Rhonwyn will broaden your knowledge base and teach you that the rules of business start with you.

Rhonwyn is passionate about small business and its path to equality and financial freedom for all individuals. Whatever empire you’re creating, it starts with learning the fundamentals and how to plan out your game moves. Rhonwyn will help you find the way, no matter your starting point.

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