Small Business Masterclass- Powerful Marketing Strategies

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Small Business Masterclass- Powerful Marketing Strategies

Presented by Paul Duncan

This presentation is going to provide you with the in-depth Knowledge/Strategies and Resources that will guarantee you will leave with everything you need to know and what the successful business owners are doing to build a profitable and stronger business .

In this one - hour presentation Business Coach and Marketing Strategist -Paul Duncan will share his “Keys To Successful Marketing” and WHY you Need To Know The Difference between STRATEGIC Marketing & TACTICAL Marketing to get massive results from your Marketing activity

During this eye-opening webinar, you will discover how to:

  • Triple your current lead flow month over month without spending a cent on Marketing and Advertising
  • Double your current sales volume
  • Simple easy-to-implement, no-cost strategies that instantly add cash flow to your bottom line
  • How to effectively market on the internet and How to get your website 10X more traffic
  • How to set up joint venture partners that promote your business for you

about the presenter

Paul being a successful Business Owner, Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur and published Author of “Dominate Your Market”  has been involved in business development and growth for 25 years.

During Paul’s career he has identified that in today’s competitive world, the best way to ensure organisational success is to delight the customer. Today and tomorrow’s customers want responsiveness, reasonable cost and high quality in products & services. If a company does not meet or exceed the customer’s needs & expectations their competition will?

Starting his career as a qualified 5 star chef and travelling the world to learn and increase personal development and eventually leaving the corporate world to become a business and marketing strategist, Paul brings with him some key strength in multi-site retail & franchise operations and experience in running and owning many successful and diverse businesses.

Paul believes a good management philosophy is that “Systems run the Business” and “People run the Systems” with this in mind business owners can free up more time to do the things they need or enjoy doing.

It’s no longer enough simply to “embrace” change, continuous improvement must become a way of doing business, when Paul works with his clients and customers, together they actively seek improvements and set systems and processes that support and drive initiative with trust is the key. As a business and marketing strategist, Paul is mindful of developing an environment so that people work without fear, within a culture that encourages pride in both personnel and organization accomplishments.

Passionate about having a balanced level between work and family, with 4 kids, Paul believes there is an importance in spending quality time at home. As the say” You can spend all your money and keep making more but once you have spent your time it gone forever.”

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