SmallBiz Masterclass Series – Raise Prices, Sell More!

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SmallBiz Masterclass Series – Raise Prices, Sell More!

Presented by Andrew Cooke

Are you looking to improve your margins and profit? Are you worried about being undercut by competitors? Are you afraid that if you raise prices then you’ll lose customers? If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then this webinar is a must for you.

A major problem that business owners knowing what to price to use, and to have the self-confidence when doing so. Too often the biggest roadblock to raising your prices is you, not the customer.

In this interactive one-hour webinar, business consultant and pricing master strategist, Andrew Cooke, will show you:

  • The difference between price and value, and why it matters.
  • How to make your pricing magnetic and attract and keep customers
  • How to communicate your pricing to engage prospective customers.
  • How to motivate the customers to buy now (& more) at a higher price.

about the presenter

It’s hard running your own business. Lots to learn, lots to do, and only you to do it. It can be stressful and overwhelming. The fear of getting things wrong can paralyze you, and it all seems complicated and hard. You feel alone and confused. And you’re afraid your business will fail and that you have to go back to a job you hate

We get this.

Andrew is a highly experienced business adviser bringing a wealth of over 30 years of knowledge, insights and expertise.

I got out of the corporate world and started my own business, Growth & Profit Solutions (GPS), in 2009. Why? I was tired of seeing great SMEs, which should have been successful, losing their way and often giving up. I believe that within every SME & every business owner lie the seeds of greatness. We partner with you to nurture them so you can become more successful in what you do, so that you can increase your impact, your income and your independence by building a business that works for you, and provides you with the means for the lifestyle you seek.

Andrew does this using a practical, hands-on approach, making the complex simple, and enabling business owners to focus on what is needed and to take action to drive results. He listens, understands and shares the real-life experience and insights he has that are relevant for you and benefit you. This allows you to know what to do and what to avoid. Less noise. Clear priorities. Clear actions. More upside and less risk. Better and faster results.

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