Starting a business in Australia: Foundations

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Starting a business in Australia: Foundations

Presented by Andrea Restrepo


Are you a Spanish speaker migrant who just started a business in Australia? Have you been in business for a while but unsure if you are doing it the right way and following the local rules? Would you like to know the general steps you should follow to start and ensure your business continuity?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this webinar series is for you.

I understand how confusing and frustrating it is to start a business in Australia as a migrant. You want to do the right thing and be compliant with everything, but there is too much information, so many web pages to check and a lot of rules to follow. On top of that, most of the sources use very technical jargon, English is your second language, and you feel so lost.

In this webinars series, I will show you the general steps or road map (as a starting point) that will allow you to start and continue your business. And I will do it in Spanish.

You probably think that it is too late for you, as you have already started your business. But it is not! Ideally, some of these things should be done before launching your business, but there is always the option to reconsider and make changes to do everything right.

First webinar:
Starting a business in Australia: Foundations

Foundations are crucial in any construction. Building a business is not an exemption.
We will start the road map from the very beginning: reviewing some concepts and considerations about your vision (step 1), mission and idea (step 2) and business structures (first part of step 3).

about the presenter

Andrea Restrepo is a BAS Agent and business consultant who has been empowering small business about their numbers and business processes for over a decade, both overseas and locally.

Andrea is passionate about helping small business avoid problems with ATO by keeping proper financial records, being compliant with GST and payroll rules and understanding the obligations of small business owners in Australia. She also supports her clients with strategies to increase cash flow, training in Xero and Quickbooks Online, planning for financial commitments, implementing new payment options, among others.  She speaks Spanish and English.

Thanks to her degree in Business Management, Certificate IV in accounting & bookkeeping and the experience of developing her own business from scratch, whilst being a migrant in Australia; she understands the extra challenges migrants in business face and can give you a more holistic view of your business and help you in different aspects.

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