Task Management – keep ahead of the curve

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Task Management – keep ahead of the curve

Online Workshop
Presented by Kelby Williams

We are going to take a look a some of the many ways you can set your prices - dive into a bit of consumer psychology and play with some Excel models to see what happens to the numbers when you change pricing methodology. Yes, it will be fun!

about the presenter

I have been working with small and medium business in regional areas of NSW and QLD since 1990.  This has given the opportunity to assist a wide range of business types, industries, and ownership structures.  From single-operator service businesses to complex multi-family agricultural operations, small cafés to multi-site hotel groups, cutting-edge engineering companies to digital agencies – there is not much I have not seen, learned from, and can bring to bear on your business.

During that time I have been able to help with their finance structures and costs, developed strategies for cashflow improvement, helped resolve partnership conflicts, assisted with the development of a digital presence and sales channel, and worked through the issues associated with expansion and relocation.

This has provided me with broad base of experience which I can apply to your business, and also access to a wide range of people with expertise in highly specialised areas – to address those challenges which require their particular skillset.

I have also operated my own SME’s during that time, from finance to hospitality and general consulting.  This means I have real-world experience behind the advice – I have implemented the strategies we talk about and personally enjoyed their impact.

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