The Productive Business Owner

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The Productive Business Owner

Presented by Kerrie Saverin

It feels good to look at
something tangible and say, “I created
this. I made this. I did this.”

To get things done. To check things off a
list. To make a serious dent in your

Productivity looks different to different
people, but the feeling is universal. For
one person, creating an incredible
presentation or meeting the needs of a
specific client can make them feel
amazing. For another, it may mean
developing a new product or coming up
with a new design.

For you, it may be completely different,
but you know the good feeling you get by
putting in a productive day.

In this Webinar we will go through the 4 pillars of productivity and get you getting stuff done.

about the presenter

Kerrie Saverin, co-Founder of Altitude Business Solutions is The Business Systemiser. She is an expert at identifying where the barriers to business growth are and integrating technologically based solutions. From lead generation to sales conversion, Kerrie loves how you can connect the dots, allowing data to flow seamlessly from one end to the other.

Kerrie loves how a simple yet effective solution, can revolutionise the way a business operates, which essentially impacts their bottom line.
Kerrie has owned and run multiple businesses over the last 20 years, winning international awards for growth and marketing. She enjoys assisting business owners to introduce automation to their business so they can gain time back for themselves.

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