Frequently Asked Questions

What business topics can I explore in Digital Solutions?

As a program focused on improving the digital capabilities of small business owners, Digital Solution’s topics are centered around how businesses can maximise their growth potential through the use of digital technology. There are four key priority areas:

  • Websites and selling online
  • Small business software
  • Online security and data privacy
  • Social media and digital marketing

Topics covered under these priority areas include how to set up and use social media, software tools for business, how to optimize websites, email marketing and much more. Learn more on our Digital Solutions page.

How do local governments partner with the Digital Solutions program?

Local government agencies are important in the delivery of the Digital Solutions program, particularly in regional areas. Often, Local Governments are the central point of contact and are a resource hub for small business owners, so we partner with them to provide workshops and connect with local small business owners. If you’re a member of a Local Government and would like to provide the Digital Solutions program to your local businesses, please get in touch on our Contact Page.

Who are the advisors for Digital Solutions?

Digital Solutions advisors hold formal qualifications in business or information technology related disciplines and have at least two years’ experience providing digital advice to small or medium-sized businesses.

Across Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, our advisors are local experts. As small business owners themselves, they understand the challenges associated with running a business in their location. This allows them to provide tailored business advice in their area of expertise. View all our advisors by visiting our Advisors page.

How much does Digital Solutions cost?

Digital Solutions is subsidised by the Australian Government and AusIndustry so small business owners can access over $1,000 worth of expert business advice and events for only $44 (including GST).

Who is eligible for Digital Solutions services?

To register for Digital Solutions, small business owners need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be running your business to make a profit.
  2. Have fewer than 20 full-time employees (or equivalent).
  3. Have a valid Australian Business Number and be located in either Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Eligible business owners can then access 7-hours of business advice and mentorship for just $44 (including GST).

How is Digital Solutions funded?

The Digital Solutions program is funded by the Commonwealth Government, through AusIndustry. Small business owners only need to pay a small fee of $44 to access the full program of advice and mentorship.

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