I Want To Generate More Sales Online For My Business – What Should I Be Doing?

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I Want To Generate More Sales Online For My Business – What Should I Be Doing?

Woah, that’s a seriously big topic! 

There are so many ways to make more sales and grow your business, both online and offline, that it can be hard to know where to start. We get it.

While every business, budget and situation is different, there are a few things that every business should know when they need to make more sales and are wondering what to do first.

Want some easy wins? 

  • Be contactable
  • Be upfront about shipping and refunds
  • Use your own images – not stock images
  • Show the ‘human side’ of your brand
  • Have an awesome ‘offer’ and clear calls to action

To go even deeper, we sat down with some of our experienced advisors to get their thoughts and top tips on the best ways to generate more online sales for your small business.

3 Tips To Make More Sales Online

  1. Nurture your database.

Don’t forget your current or past customers! Rather than always spending your time, budget and energy on reaching new customers, try re-engaging with people who have already converted! Do a monthly email, reach out to your top 10 customers with a special offer or discount to repurchase or re-book, upsell to them or create a referral strategy that can benefit them – don’t forget about nurturing the people who already think that you and what you offer is awesome! It’s easier to make another sale than it is to make the first sale.

  1. Show up on Social Media with consistency.

Megan King, advisor, brand strategist and multi-business owner says to focus on consistency and engagement when it comes to social media. “I can’t stress this enough. So many businesses think that they can just generate a few spontaneous social media posts and they think they have engaged and expect to reach loads of customers and wonder why nothing has changed. The old saying, ‘Rome was not built in a day’? It’s true! Marketing takes consistent engagement, consistency with your brand’s voice, using the same language and colours, and sharing content that empathises with your audience and tells a story and solves their problems. Then, you will make more sales – consistently.”

  1. Improve your product descriptions. 

Nikki Jurd, one of our expert eCommerce advisors, advises, “Do a deep-dive into your products! Write your own product descriptions and take your own photos to differentiate yourself online. Most stores have very scant info and basic photos of all their products and this is not enough for great sales. Think about everything that a customer wants to know about that thing you’re selling and provide as much info as you can.” And if you don’t have products, take a look at your service descriptions – do people know what is included, how it works and what the benefits are? Include social proof with testimonials, imagery and case studies to back up your claims. Every product or service page is a sales page, so don’t be stingy with the details! 

And finally, our Number 1 sales tip everyone should be implementing – online and off.

Know who you are talking to!

Who are they

Know your audience! Clinton Begg, advisor and digital marketing expert, says, “Understand who you are trying to generate a lead, engagement, sale and relationship with. This will increase your sales both online and if you have a shop front. Your goal is always to initiate a targeted, meaningful engagement – sales will naturally follow!” Learn everything you can about your customer, where they hang out, what they like and who they are – this is gold for your marketing efforts! 

What do they want?

You’re there to meet a need, solve a problem, support or improve the lives of your customers – how are you giving the people what they want? When you know what your customers want, it’s easy to target your marketing to show you understand what they need and are there to help!  Meghan says, Businesses should always start with their ‘why’. Why do you do what you do? Why is your product so different from all the other options available? And why does all that matter to your customers? Once you clearly identify these you will be able to build a marketing strategy that will gain results.”

There are a million other ways to increase your online sales, but these tips should get you started!

And if you’re looking for ways to increase your sales even further, try these tips for generating more offline sales.

Need more help to increase your online sales?

To dive even deeper, and get sales strategies and marketing tips tailored to your business, book in a session with one of our amazing sales and marketing advisors through the Digital Solutions program.

Your first mentoring session with the program is FREE!

Nikki, Meghan and Clinton are just 3 of the over 100 expert digital advisors you can access to support and grow your business. Check out the program today – we’re all here to help you boost your sales and reach the next level in your business. 

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