How Networking Events Benefit Your Business

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Business Station

How Networking Events Benefit Your Business

A robust network is one of a business owner’s greatest assets.

From exchanging ideas with industry peers, to sharing knowledge and socialising — attending networking events is essential to build a solid business network and set yourself up for long-term success.

Where do small business owners meet people?

Networking events often conjure the idea of cheesy small-talk and cheap finger food. But that idea belongs in the ’90s when business was done differently.

Today, networking events take many forms:

  • Online workshops
  • Webinars
  • In-person small workshops
  • Business advisory group sessions
  • Short courses

In-person networking events, such as speed networking, still have their place as well. Any opportunity to meet like-minded business owners and build your network is valuable — often in ways you might not expect.

The benefits of networking

Getting fresh ideas

Events are usually structured on a theme. There are presentations, panels and discussion groups led by innovators who can inspire you with a new idea.

Running a business often means you have your head down in the day-to-day, with little time to scan the horizon for inspiration. Attending a networking event can plant the seed of an idea that sprouts weeks, months or years later.

Expanding your contact list

You’ll get the chance to shake hands with people you wouldn’t get the opportunity to meet otherwise. This includes:

  • Government representatives and policymakers
  • Interstate or international suppliers
  • Competition
  • Business owners in other industries
  • Academics and researchers
  • Professional speakers

Attending events presents a unique opportunity to step outside your sector’s echo chamber and meet a wide variety of inspiring people. This can even include prospective clients, suppliers, partners and people who’ll help your business grow.

Remember, business events aren’t just for business owners. Every opportunity to increase your profile with customers, influencers and local government representatives is a win for your marketing.

Staying up to date on trends

Discussing the latest challenges, customer behaviour trends and emerging ideas with like-minded business owners can be a great way to identify opportunities and optimise your business.

For example, you might swap stories about:

  • Social media trends
  • Supply chain issues
  • New materials
  • Digital tools
  • Resources you found useful

Networking events present a unique opportunity to share your insights and learn from fellow business owners.

Putting faces to names

Business Station hosts networking events for business owners in WA, NT and QLD. All three states have relatively small industry networks; in Perth, we say there are two degrees of separation instead of six.

Attending networking events is an excellent way to meet people for the first time or refresh your mutual memory – and strengthen the relationship.

There is no better way to connect than in person.

Building your confidence as a business owner

Networking events can seem intimidating.

That’s why Business Station events are designed to make entrepreneurs feel comfortable. We recruit industry experts and business advisors who connect, inspire and educate business owners.

With several events daily, including online webinars, workshops and networking events, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your confidence.

5 tips to get the most out of your next networking event

Business events are only as valuable as you make them.

To get the most out of your next networking event, don’t just hover by the snack table waiting for an opportunity to come to you.

Get out there and meet people. Use these tips to make the most of your next networking event.

1. Networking is about sharing, not taking

You have a lot to share. So be prepared to contribute while you learn from other business owners.

Every business owner has gaps in their knowledge. But by sharing ideas, examining challenges and talking with people outside your industry, you can contribute to a mutually beneficial discussion.

2. Find the right networking event

Look for business events that focus on a current and relevant challenge. For example, Business Station networking events cover an enormous range of topics from marketing to small business grants, finances and DIY graphic design.

To gain value from a business event, you need to know why you’re there in the first place.

3. Work on your elevator pitch

Networking doesn’t always come naturally. If you’re someone who has trouble explaining what you do succinctly, one of our Digital Solutions advisors can help you develop and elevator pitch.

Don’t forget to tailor the conversation to your audience. For example, your elevator pitch for customers, suppliers and growth partners will differ depending on what you need them to know.

5. Create genuine connections

Above all else, remember why you attend networking events in Perth: to make genuine, lasting connections.

Authenticity goes a long way so remember to be yourself, contribute to conversations and remember that every business is run by humans just like you.

Networking events for small business owners

Your professional network generates a lot of value. Often in ways you don’t expect when you meet a new contact.

If you’re looking to make connections to help build your business, keep an eye on our upcoming events.

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