How to Make Your Products Gift Worthy

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How to Make Your Products Gift Worthy

If you’re not making your products gift worthy, you could be missing out on sales. With gift-giving holidays, birthdays and celebrations year-round, it’s essential to always position your products as the perfect present.  

We’ve put together 8 tips for making your products gift worthy.  

1. Product descriptions 

People looking for gifts aren’t your typical target audience; they may even know nothing about your product. Don’t just list key features in your product descriptions, highlight how the product will benefit the user so they understand why it’s the perfect choice.  

2. Use categories on your website 

If you have a website, adding a ‘Gifts’ category to your navigation menu allows you to direct customers to products positioned as an ideal present. You can even add subcategories for added convenience, such as ‘Under $30’ or ‘Gifts for Her’.  

3. Offer pre-wrapped gifts or wrapping services 

Make gift-giving even more convenient by removing the stress of wrapping the present.  

If you have stylish wrapping, include a picture of it next to the ‘wrapping’ option or in your product photos to increase the product’s gift potential. Social media worthy wrapping may also prompt gift receivers to post a picture online and tag you, which is user generated content that’s ideal for reposting.  

4. Create bundles 

Gift packs and hampers let you position your products as a complete gift. Use gift boxes or baskets to create collections of products at a range of price points.    

You can also use this as an opportunity to partner with other suppliers to create an offering that feels curated and thoughtful. Consider other local businesses you can reach out to, or work with businesses who fit your target audience.   

5. Offer gift cards 

These are a go-to for many shoppers. Gift cards let the gift-receiver choose their perfect present and can even introduce a new customer to your business. Offer them at multiple price points so they cater to a range of budgets – customers may even spend more if their chosen product is over the gift card’s value. If you offer them in physical and digital forms the act of gift giving can be as simple as sending an email, talk about convenient.  

6. Provide free or low-cost samples 

Samples make the perfect stocking stuffer and add-on gift. It gives customers the chance to experience your products before committing to a full priced version. In future when it comes time to make a purchase, they’ll be excited rather than hesitant.   

7. Create a gift guide   

A gift guide can be used for blog, social media and email newsletter content. You can also direct customers straight to the products by linking them. If you know of local blogs or publications with a good following that create seasonal gift guides, you can reach out to them with a personalised email and pitch your product to be featured.  

8. Make it seasonal 

Is an important holiday coming up? Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, making sure your products fit this occasion is key. Achieve this by adjusting your packaging – it could be as simple as adding a ribbon or decorative accents that play into the holiday spirit.  

If you enjoyed reading about this, you may be interested in learning more about sales strategies as part of our Digital Solutions program. Learn more about the program here.  

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