How To Use TikTok for Your Business

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How To Use TikTok for Your Business

TikTok has quickly grown in popularity, particularly among brands trying to connect with younger consumers. This popular app allows users to create 15 seconds to 3-minute videos to share with their followers. If you’re interested in marketing on TikTok, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started, use the platform more effectively and engage your audience in new ways. Plus, 30 content ideas!

TikTok is the most downloaded mobile entertainment app in Australia, or third across the board behind Service Victoria and Service NSW. The app has 7.38 million Australian users over the age of 18, with a reach of 37%.

First steps to start using TikTok

  1. Create a TikTok Business Account. Once you start creating content, this allows you to see the analytics of your audience and which content performs best. 
  2. Let TikTok get to know you. The algorithm is incredibly robust and it’ll get to know you from what you’re looking at very quickly. My suggestion is to come to your TikTok account as your best client. Start following who/what they would most likely follow, paying particular attention to the country you’re selling in. When you start posting content, the algorithm will then know who to show your content to. 
  3. Set up your TikTok profile well. Use a clear call to action, and be specific and clear about who you are or what your business does. 

Next steps

Create great content. Now, this isn’t as daunting as it sounds. We don’t need film studios or to look our best in every video. The video of mine that went viral was me sitting in the car, I’d just come back from walking my dog on the beach. I had no makeup, a hat on and wasn’t dressed up at all.

To start, provide some context about yourself and your business. You can do this through an introduction video.

When planning and creating videos consider:

  • You need to have good lighting and clear sound. This is as easy as using natural light, facing towards a window, and using earbuds or your smartphone’s microphone. 
  • You can be yourself, have fun, and not take yourself too seriously.
  • Think about your ideal client when you’re coming up with content ideas. What do they want to hear about your business?
  • Sort through other videos that you think your ideal customer would like. Start saving them to your camera for inspiration. When you’re set up to do a video, you’ll have great ideas to tweak and make your own. 
  • All your audience cares about is that the content is inspirational, engaging, entertaining, or helpful to them.
  • Use a hook in your videos (benefit or pain point for the ideal customer), your content (something that is informative, funny, educational, interesting) and a call to action (follow for more). Don’t say link in bio, the algorithm picks it up and doesn’t show your video to many people. 

30 Content ideas

Here’s some content ideas to get your creative juices going:

  1. How you got started on TikTok.
  2. Talk about the big result when you finally decided to do something you’d been putting off.
  3. Something common or relatable that you miss about your childhood.
  4. Something silly/small you do (and probably everyone else) that makes you wonder if you’re a bad person.
  5. 3 ways to… (do something).
  6. Share something beautiful your partner did for you.
  7. Do a reaction in stitch form of a popular video that shares advice.
  8. Walk with your phone as you’re talking or teaching on video.
  9. Something that most people don’t know about you.
  10. Something really small someone did or said that annoyed you, that you spend way too much time analysing or holding a grudge.
  11. Teach an effort saving hack.
  12. Tell people 3 reasons why they should keep going after their dreams.
  13. Do a stitch or duet with someone successful whose advice you followed with good results.
  14. Use the green screen effect to show something you want to talk about.
  15. The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you.
  16. When you’re having a great time until you realise something that completely dampens your mood.
  17. Something common or relatable you know you should do less of (e.g., watch TikTok).
  18. Top tips for…
  19. What you need to do to [insert common desire].
  20. Do a duet with a viral video (where the viral video is full screen in the background), and you react physically to the actions of the person in the video.
  21. Something special you used to do with your siblings or family.
  22. Talk about the lack of the desired result you got when you finally decided to do something people had been telling you to do for a long time.
  23. Something everyone is afraid of that they shouldn’t be (the dark, under the bed, etc.)
  24. Show yourself listening to typical advice you get (for your industry or something you’re trying to do like grow on TikTok) and cut to another clip where you show your internal reaction of frustration to the advice.
  25. 3 easy ways to…
  26. How to [insert what you’re teaching] the easy way.
  27. Share another content creator’s video and point out what you liked.
  28. The dumbest thing you’ve ever done – and what you learnt from it.
  29. Zoom meeting camera on vs. off.
  30. A common or relatable problem about friends.

Extra important steps

  • Use the TikTok features. There are popular sounds and trends that you can jump on if it suits your business. Use the stitch air duet features and change your videos up from short 5-second content to longer. 
  • When people comment on your posts, engage with them. Start forming relationships, these users are potential customers and could become fans.
  • Like other social media platforms, TikTok rewards consistency. But rather than post 3 times a day, become overwhelmed, and then not post for months, start with 3-5 times a week and work your way up from there.
  • Use specific hashtags for your business and hashtags for where your business is located. 

I hope that helped debunk any TikTok worries that you may have. To learn more, you can watch a webinar I made on this topic here.

Have fun growing your business! 

Victoria Yuen is a social media specialist and one of our Digital Solutions advisors. Learn more about the program and how it can help your business here.

Looking to improve your digital marketing strategy? Book in for a free 15-minute consultation with Victoria 

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