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Dear Business Owner,

Before you spend thousands of dollars on an expensive marketing agency or business coach, have a chat with one of our Digital Business Advisors.

Rather than just promising to take care of your business, they’ll show you how you can take care of business and will help you make the right decisions along the way.

Chances are, if you speak to one of them, you’ll save a lot of time, money and tears!

With over 100 specialists to choose from, you’re bound to discover ways to make business easier and life better. Our most popular topics include:

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing 📱
  • Websites and Selling Online 🛒
  • Online Security and Data Privacy 🔐
  • Using Business Software ☁
  • Financial Management 💵
  • Managing a Team 💏
  • Connecting with Customers 🙋
  • Developing Resilience (something we’ve all needed to rely on lately!) 💪
  • Applying for Grants and Tenders 📝
  • and a wide range of other business advice and support 🎉

All this is part of the Australian Government’s Digital Solutions program. It’s heavily subsidised (that’s why we’re charging pocket change, instead of the $1,000+ that these services would cost you elsewhere) and you get to choose the advisors that suit your business journey.

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Looks pretty good to me!

So why would you sign up to Digital Solutions?

  • You’ll become more confident when using the internet to grow your business.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how technology can improve your life.
  • You’ll learn from people with years of real-world business experience.
  • You’ll know what your business really needs and be able to make an informed decision when hiring those expensive agencies we spoke about earlier.
  • The program has a deadline ⏰ (and we’re rapidly approaching the cut-off date!)
  • You’ll get access to more than 50 online workshops and webinars (with 20+ new workshops being run every week)
  • You’ll receive invites to local networking and workshop events that our Advisors organise
  • You can join our private Facebook Group for small business owners in Australia (since starting in September 2021, over 1,000 small business owners have already joined)
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Be like these smiling business owners! (Okay, yes they're stock images, but real business owners look like this too.)

Click the button below to learn more about the program.

Or, if you want to see exactly how Digital Solutions can help your business, you can book a free 15 minute consultation ➔ with any of our advisors.

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Just click on an advisor who looks nice and click the 'BOOK A FREE 15 MIN CONSULT' button.

Keep up the great work,

Bob from Business Station

(I’m one of the advisors, you can find me on the advisors page.)