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‘Tell me about yourself’ is a question I always struggle with. How do you sum yourself up like that without droning on and on?

It really takes me some time; I have to really think about it.

If you want it told quick, you have to ask my mother. No other storyteller like her. She’ll give you my life story in about two minutes whether I like it or not. Hold on, maybe I can tell it a bit quicker if I try and think like her…


“Oh, my boy? He’s just a digital marketer with a pretty great track record, he also runs his own agency called Social Force, thank goodness… You know, he was a marketing guy before, but now?

Now he’s running his own place and works on all sorts every day, advertising, social media, marketing campaigns e-mails, I won’t pretend I get half of it, it’s all a bit past my time.

But what I do know is that he is committed to his client like his family, he says something about how he ranks them on Google and teaches them how to be ‘authentic’ on Facebook. Which are both really good, I think.

And oh my, he is such a brilliant boy my Felix! You know he has contributed to a great community support initiative; he’s part of the team that developed a program to donate over $100,000 in 2018 towards Leukaemia Foundation, Cystic FibrosisRFDS and more.

His rooms filled to the brim with books and CDs. ‘Who will read/listen to all these?’ I ask, ‘Don’t worry about that ma!’ he says again. I ask him to take care when he goes out at night but again it’s just always the same ‘don’t worry about that ma!’ I do worry, but what mother wouldn’t?

Anyways that’s my boy, a genius, a mess, a creative, a disaster, what can I do? Can’t kick him out, can I?”

And time! Huh, guess that didn’t take too long… She should teach public speaking.

On a slightly more serious note though; I’m experienced in Social media and email marketing,  web design, graphic design, SEO and digital advertising.

If you want to get started on getting your businesses name out there, why don’t we have a chat?

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