Julia Ewert

MBA-degree qualified and with over 500 hours of presentations under her belt, Julia has a knack for presenting and facilitating with an engaging, unique, fun and memorable flair.

Prior to becoming a keynote speaker, trainer and coach, she worked successfully in sales, management, corporate training and development and operations, across industries such as Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Property Development, Property Investment and e-Commerce.

Her passion is people and business and is inquisitive by nature, which means that she loves to learn about others.

Julia is often described as a “breath of fresh air” due to her genuine nature and approach to simple and complex situations.

Sales and negotiating is also a field she is specialist in. Julia’s point of difference is that she only teaches skills and techniques that are 100% tried and tested for success personally.

Julia speaks and trains from experience, with vulnerability, humility and humour. She can truly connect with audiences and has been told over and over again how strongly her messages resonate with people.

After hearing Julia speak or attending her training, people are motivated to take the action required to excel in their business, professional and personal lives.


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