Our Pixie Friends – Business Spotlight

Siobhan (Our Pixie Friends Owner) Holds Award
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Our Pixie Friends – Business Spotlight

Meet Siobhan, business owner of Our Pixie Friends. Our Pixie Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of children with medical needs through storytelling, resources and helping them gain self-confidence.

Their site provides an interactive digital environment where children can explore ‘Sprizzletania’ and read the uplifting stories of Pixies with unique backgrounds (or even post their own!). Parents have access to strategies for supporting those with different conditions. For teachers, there are classroom-ready printouts for spreading awareness of different needs to create an inclusive space.

Our Pixie Friends has also released a book to help children overcome discomfort with medication called ‘Sakaela the Sneezy Pixie Visits Amy’, with another book coming next year.

Our Community Coordinator Isaac spoke with the founder of Our Pixie Friends, Siobhan, & proud mother/director Fiona about their inspiring business.

Siobhan receiving a Highly Commended Award at the Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards
Siobhan, 12, Highly Commended in the Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started in business.

Siobhan: I’m Siobhan and I run Our Pixie Friends.

We help young children feel good about themselves especially those with medical needs. We help them build resilience, encourage inclusivity and raise money for medical research using fun pixie characters. When I was 6, I realised I wasn’t the only kid in the world with medical needs, so I decided I wanted to help other kids like me not feel alone and isolated.

What’s one idea from your area of expertise that everyone should know about?

Siobhan: Kids with medical needs are just like other kids – their feelings get hurt, they need kids to be understanding and kind, and they need other kids’ parents to be more inclusive too.

Do you have any tips for the parents of children with medical needs?

Fiona: Helping boost children’s self-esteem. And letting other parents know to include children. When Siobhan was little, she was often left out of birthday parties and things like that because she had anaphylaxis and other parents were scared to invite her over for fear that she might go into anaphylactic shock. And as she said, “I could just bring my own plate of food, it wouldn’t have been a problem”. That just increases the social isolation even more.

Siobhan: Yeah, I always felt left out because all the other kids were being invited to these parties. It’s really hard you know. No one wanted to hold my hand because of eczema and things like that. It can be really isolating.

From the parents side, it’s definitely valuable letting other parents know that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Siobhan: That and making sure you have your EpiPen with you always, just in case anything happens. You have to carry around your medical bag everywhere you go!

Fiona: Parents should try to help other kids be more understanding: that they’re not going to ‘catch’ thing like down syndrome or autism. Children are afraid because they don’t understand and parents can really help increase the inclusivity.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner and how did you overcome it?

Siobhan: Being 12 has its drawbacks! People underestimate you all the time and regulations prohibit you from doing some things. I’m lucky I have a mum who supports me and does all the things I’m not allowed to do, like be the director of my companies.

What’s next for your business?

Siobhan: My first book has been published and the colouring book to accompany it. I’m really excited that my next book should be out next year. It’s about a pixie who has an asthma attack and in hospital, she meets Moondrop, who has lost all his hair from chemotherapy. Together with her magic bird, they work to make all the kids included in the fun.

Way to go Siobhan, that sounds great! Do you know when that one is coming out?

Siobhan: We’re not sure, it’s with the illustrator at the moment.

Fiona: She’s also getting her first book translated into Italian now and other languages hopefully!

That’s awesome! Good luck with the release next year. What’s one tool that you couldn’t go without?

Siobhan: Scrap paper and a pen! I’m constantly brainstorming ideas and I have to write them down so I don’t forget. I also have a number of notebooks with different project ideas since my brain works at a hundred miles an hour and I’m always dreaming up the next big thing.

Have you used any of Business Station’s programs? If you have, what’s one takeaway which led to positive change in your business?

Siobhan: I learnt about using social media and now use Facebook for my business. As I improve with it and more people hear about Our Pixie Friends, I’m sure it will help.

What’s the best way people can support Our Pixie Friends?

Siobhan: Probably… buy my book and tell everyone about Our Pixie Friends. I want to get to the kids and actually help them. With COVID-19 I haven’t been able to get to the hospitals so if people share it, we can help more kids!

Fiona: Donations are really helpful too. Siobhan has just contacted Queensland ambu-

Siobhan: Can I tell him? Can I tell him?

We’ve just recently contacted the Queensland Ambulance services to get my magic pixie crystals (mentioned in the book to help children feel brave), in ambulances for sick kids, when they’re feeling really scared and not knowing what’s going to happen. They come with a special rhyme that children can say to help them feel brave and know that Our Pixie Friends are watching over them.

Fiona: At the moment, Siobhan is making the crystals all herself. She wants to give them to all of the ambulances and they’re keen to have them but donations for that would be awesome. She gave 15 special “thinking of you” cards to seriously ill children that were included in their welcome pack.

That’s really thoughtful. All the best for you both.

Would you or someone you know benefit from the Our Pixie Friends resource bank? Want to show support? Follow Siobhan’s journey to help children with medical needs.


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