Entrepreneurship Facilitators

Thinking about starting your own business?

If you have a business idea or want some help to get your business off the ground, Megan Holzfeind, the local Entrepreneurship Facilitator may be able to help you. Entrepreneurship Facilitators are a free service funded by the Australian Government to encourage people to start their own business. Starting your own business is a great way to create your own job.

How can an Entrepreneurship Facilitator help?

You can receive support ranging from general advice about starting and running a business to tailored mentoring and assistance.

  • One to One advice and mentoring
  • Face to Face or Online
  • Ideation and Pitching Workshops (Group Sessions)
  • Business Model Canvassing
  • Referrals to other key organisations and programs.

Who can get support from an Entrepreneurship Facilitator?

Anyone considering entrepreneurship or self-employment in an area where there is an Entrepreneurship Facilitator, can access this service. In particular, Business Station encourages entrepreneurship among mature age Australians, especially those at risk of losing their job due to redundancy.

Where are Entrepreneurship Facilitators located?

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are in 23 metropolitan and regional areas across all states and territories (except the Australian Capital Territory).

A list of locations is at: jobs.gov.au/entrepreneurship-facilitators.

Contact them to discuss the support they can provide.

What experience do Entrepreneurship Facilitators have?

All Entrepreneurship Facilitators have experience providing small business advice and/or starting and running their own small business.

Entrepreneurship Facilitator: Megan Holzfeind

Megan has over fourteen years management experience ranging from small business start-ups, to multi outlet management and operating at an executive leadership level at one of Australia’s largest and iconic tourism destinations. Her specialty is private sector business development for domestic and international markets – predominantly China.

Megan takes a very proactive approach to business and strives to support the team and community to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What does it cost?

Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide their services at no cost to you.

They might also refer you to fee-for-service support. You don’t have to accept a referral to other support services, including those that cost money. Talk to your Entrepreneurship Facilitator about your individual circumstances before you decide.

Contact information

Megan Holzfeind
Email: megan@treeti.com.au
Phone: 0438 040 515