Staff Highlight: Caitlin Marett

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Business Station

Staff Highlight: Caitlin Marett

Welcome to the first instalment of our staff highlights, where we talk to members of our team and find out more about their role, their journey and what it’s like being part of the Business Station team. First up we chatted to Caitlin Marett, our Marketing team’s Content Coordinator.

What’s your role at Business Station?

I’m the Content Coordinator here at Business Station, and I’m responsible for managing our Digital Marketing strategy to ensure we deliver high quality content across all our programs. This includes social media platforms, email marketing and the website. I’ve been working here for two years.

What led you to this?

In 2017 I completed my Bachelor of Communication at Queensland University of Technology, also known as QUT. During my time there, I undertook an internship at a public relations firm for three months where I was able to put my communications skills into practice and learn along the way. I then went on to work my way up at an outdoor play equipment company. I had started there as a customer support sales consultant while studying. Before joining the marketing team there, other roles I’d had included being an account manager for the wholesale team, as well as working with occupational therapists during my community engagement specialist role.

What’s your favourite part of working at Business Station?

I would have to say my favourite part about my role at Business Station is learning about the business owners that we help and hearing their stories when they share their success with us. It’s inspiring seeing the positive impact our programs have on starting or growing their businesses.

What’s a key skill of yours in your role?

Close attention to detail to make sure all the content we publish accurately represents the programs and is of a high standard.

Career highlights?

In May last year, we ran our first speed networking event in Brisbane – like many of the attendees this was the first time that I had witnessed this concept. It was great to be able to participate and hear from more business owners than you would at a standard networking event. I enjoyed hearing about their businesses and was able to share insights into how our services, like our Digital Solutions program, could help them out with the pain points they were telling me about.

What do you like about your team?

I’m probably biased but I think I have the best team in the whole organisation, I like that we all consistently support each other, and I’m forever learning new things and being inspired by them. Having said that, the positive culture at Business Station is like no other company I have worked for before. We all work so well together towards our goals and supporting business owners, and you always have someone to approach for advice both on a professional and personal level.

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome professionally?

Reflecting back, it’s not a challenge now, however I started two years ago when peak COVID was happening. I’d only been working for Business Station for about two weeks when we started doing a rotating working from home roster to try and reduce the contact of people in the office. Now it’s second nature to me, at the time I was having to adapt and not only figure out my way around the new role but also navigate working from home. Two years later, I’m a pro at it and working at the office is more of a distraction.

What are you looking to achieve in the next 6 months?

I’m a third of the way through a graphic design course, I hope to complete it in the next 6 months.

Also, this year, a combined goal for my partner and I is saving for a house, so by this time in September I hope to be about 75% of the way towards my savings goal. If I keep avoiding the old UberEATS convenience trap, I should be fine! I am also slowly incorporating more workouts into my routine outside of walking my dog Loki twice a day, one of which is a dog park visit (yes, he’s very spoilt!)

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy going to the beach, on nature walks and finding new places to explore with Loki. I’m also a big foodie so I enjoy finding new cafes and restaurants to try out and supporting the local farmer’s markets.

Stay tuned for the next staff highlight to learn more about the talented people who make up our team!

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