Staff Highlight: Zoe Brooks

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Business Station

Staff Highlight: Zoe Brooks

Welcome to another instalment of our Staff Highlight series. This time we caught up with Zoe Brooks, one of our Digital Solutions Customer Support Officers about her role, her journey and what it’s like being part of the Business Station team.

What’s your role at Business Station?

Digital Solutions Customer Support Officer.

What led you to this?

Stevie, my cousin who works here said there was a position available, so I applied. Before this I had a customer service background. I’ve worked a couple of hospitality roles, my last job was at Spudshed Bunbury. I was a supervisor there.

What’s your favourite part of your role at Business Station?

I’m quite an organised person so I like the scheduling aspect, and I like talking to customers and finding out stories about their businesses. Also getting an insight into our Digital Solutions program, I didn’t know there were so many things advisors could help you with. I’m still learning all about that.

What’s a key skill of yours in this role?

Organisation is good to have obviously with bookings and scheduling. Also, being a people person – you’re always talking to people.

What do you like about working with your team?

I love our team; I think they’re great. The thing I like most is that we can share our stories and learn from each other.

Career highlights?

When we went down south for the South West Roadshow. I really enjoy going to events, there was a good turnout, and we got to see some clients in person as well.

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome professionally?

Being so young in a business industry and everyone’s got their stuff sorted. It was a challenge to overcome because I still don’t know what I want to do as a career in the future. It’s a good pathway to go wherever I want to go.

What are you looking to achieve in the next 6 months?

The biggest thing I want to achieve in the next six months is successfully completing my certificate in business.

What are your passions/hobbies outside of work?

I used to play volleyball really well, that was one of my passions. I love going to the beach, and I’m always going to Bunbury every couple of weekends to see my friends.

Stay tuned for the next staff highlight to learn more about the talented people who make up our team!

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