Alison Bannister

Alison Bannister

Alison is a career coach for start-up businesses, as well as a productivity coach for business owners. She helps people build confidence in their own abilities, arming them with knowledge and skills so they can find employment themselves as independent job seekers.

Alison started out on her own 2 years ago, this was when she engaged Digital Solutions. She had fluent expertise in Microsoft Office, however when needing to transition to online, Alison needed help enhancing her LinkedIn and Zoom capabilities. The main challenge Alison faced was having limited knowledge of digital marketing, specifically Facebook advertising.

On her experience working with advisors Jo Saunders, Sandra Tricoli and Sarah Thomson, Alison says: “All of the ladies I have had the pleasure of helping me were professional, engaging, extremely supportive and very patient. They are non-judgemental, which to me is super important to me.”

“The one-on-one sessions helped to enhance my skills and were just excellent for offering guidance, support and information. Thanks to the program, I was able to maintain my business during COVID and gained 10 Zoom sessions through local libraries so was able to pick up clients this way. Prior to being a Digital Solutions client, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge in Zoom to do this” Alison said.

The assistance from Digital Solutions allowed Alison to continue online, enabling her to gain over $5,000 worth of business just from hosting Zoom webinars for her clients.

“I highly recommend Digital Solutions to any entrepreneur or start-up as the value is highly beneficial and at a great price too!” Alison said.

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