Avanti Bookkeeping

Avanti Bookkeeping

Nicole Clemow started Avanti Bookkeeping to offer support to tradies and small business owners, focusing on their bass and bookkeeping. Prior to engaging in the Digital Solutions program, her biggest challenge was needing assistance to streamline everything to save herself time and help her business run smoother.

With the help from advisor Krystle Divertie, Nicole says: ‘I have gained valuable skills to assist me with all the little things like saving time with templates and faster ways of doing processes, making my business run more efficiently.”

Nicole explained that by being a Digital Solutions client, she was able to hold herself accountable by booking in set times to work on her business. The program also helped her to take action, she said: “You feel motivated to complete tasks the advisor sets for you before the next session because you don’t want to have wasted time and money”.

“The thing I like most about using the Digital Solutions program is the one on one sessions as I can ask all the questions I need and address problems that are happening at the time.”

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