Cindy Parsley Coach

Cindy Parsley Coach

Cindy Parsley is a business coach specialising in providing support to dentists, helping them become better leaders and better versions of themselves so they can take their businesses to the next level.

Prior to accessing the Digital Solutions program, Cindy had a business plan but didn’t know how to prioritise her efforts on the most important goals and strategies to achieve business growth.

Through Digital Solutions, Cindy utilised the services of a team of advisors. Cindy Randall, Lisa Kniebe, Sarah Thomson, Jo Saunders and Karen Dauncey all provided support and advice through one-to-one sessions and interactive webinars to help Cindy increase her confidence and add structure to her business plan and activities.

The advisors helped Cindy decide what to focus on for the short term and over the next six months. As a result, Cindy feels like she is now on track and has the fundamentals of her business set up effectively.

Her feedback of the program, and advisors is “All of the advisors that I worked with were very good, but I especially loved Lisa & Sarah. I just feel like they give you value for money and I felt that I could achieve what I needed to after taking to them. I think you can tell they have a high level in their field and always felt confident that I was talking to an expert. I really enjoy how easy it (the program) is to use. I believe it’s a very valuable system and service that is being offered.”

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