Design Studio Perth

Design Studio Perth

Design Studio Perth is a graphic design company that focuses on helping businesses develop their branding, marketing collateral and graphics, re-branding, and signage. Prior to accessing the Digital Solutions program, owner Tracey Fryer was facing issues around the direction of her business, social media marketing and branding.

“After implementing the advice provided by my advisor Sandra Tricoli, I was able to see more traction in my business and my client base grew (almost doubled)” Tracey said of how Digital Solutions has impacted her goals. 

Digital Solutions helped Tracey overcome previous challenges with Sandra providing her with a list of activities and steps to follow for creating a new website, re-branding, how to split her two businesses into multiple facets and business strategy.

On how Digital Solutions has helped achieve her goals, Tracey says: “Thanks to the program, I now have a clearer vision about my goals and most importantly, it helped me become more accountable for my actions.”

“My experience of working with Sandra was very good. I took a $6,000 coaching program and it wasn’t half as useful as my 2-hour session with Sandra. She is highly professional, straight to the point and provided me with clear advice. She understood the basics of my business and guided me to what was needed for it to grow” Tracey said.

“The Digital Solutions program is highly affordable especially for small and new businesses. The quality of the service provided is better than any coaching program on the market. The advisors are highly knowledgeable and provide professional services” Tracey said of what she liked most about the program.

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