Perth Healthcare Centre

Perth Healthcare Centre

Operating out of East Perth, Perth Healthcare Centre provides holistic healthcare, including physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, podiatry, nutrition advice, psychology, and occupational therapy.

Prior to being a Digital Solutions client, owner Alan Le had no business experience, was experiencing IT and cyber security issues and was needing some assistance with the branding and advertising for his business. Through the Digital Solutions program, Alan received the support he needed to create a foundation for a successful business.

“Digital Solutions and Business Station helped me become a million-dollar business. I have been working with them since the start, the help and guidance they provided me with has been a crucial part of my success today. Since becoming a Digital Solutions client, I have had an ROI of 300%” Alan said of how Digital Solutions has impacted his goals.

“The Digital Solutions program helped provide me with a platform where I was able to connect with industry experts and a team of professional advisors at a subsidised cost” Alan said.

Alan has utilised the program by attending face-to-face workshops, interactive online webinars and one-to-one advisory sessions with Cindy Randall, Jo Saunders, Jo Minney and Ross Minney.

Cindy helped with the whole branding process and website content. “Cindy Randall is amazing, highly professional and a superstar in the industry” Alan said.

Jo Saunders worked on Alan’s digital marketing with him and built his LinkedIn profile from scratch. “Jo is an expert LinkedIn advisor; her approach is systematic, and she is a pleasure to work with” Alan said.

Jo Minney assisted Alan with the re-branding of his websites ( and “Jo is a website guru, she helped me build a professional website, her approach is highly professional and methodological” Alan said.

Ross solved Alan’s IT issues and helped organise his domain, IT management and support, email system and ENS. “Ross is extremely professional, highly process orientated with an immense knowledge of IT” Alan said.  

On what he liked most about the program, Alan said: “The Digital Solutions program has many amazing benefits for small businesses. It is the best value for money program that exists from the government, an affordable service that gives you access to a highly experienced and knowledgeable pool of advisors.”

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