Physio for Pets

Physio for Pets

Susan Yuen runs a home-based private practice in Perth, offering physio for animals and pets called Physio for Pets. Before reaching out to the Digital Solutions program, Susan was having difficulties setting up a website and did not know how to do it herself.

Animals are a huge part of Susan’s life and with help from advisors Karen Dauncey, Jo Minney and Ross Minney, she was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers where she can provide physiotherapy and care for pets. These advisors equipped Susan with the knowledge and skills to create a website for Physio for Pets herself ( and said she now knows a variety of tools that give her more control over the website.

Sharing her experience around the Digital Solutions program, Susan says: “The program certainly exceeded my expectations, the impact being a Digital Solutions client has had on my business has been an amazing improvement and I wish I knew about it sooner!”

Not only have Susan’s digital capabilities improved by being a part of the Digital Solutions program, she says business has also increased by 40% and she did not realise how much website traffic she was missing out on.

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