Recall Hypnosis

Recall Hypnosis

Recall Hypnosis is a hypnotherapy clinic based in Balcatta, Perth where Malwina Szmaglinska works with clients one on one, offering self-discovery help and treatments for anxiety, cancer, weight loss and quitting smoking.

Prior to engaging in the Digital Solutions program, Malwina was having trouble with her website and found creating promotional material challenging, wanting to know more about Canva and how to incorporate video into her digital marketing.

“My advisor Karen Dauncey has helped me make my website ( easier to find on Google and receive more traffic as a result” Malwina said of how Digital Solutions has impacted her goals.  

“We were able to address problems that I wasn’t able to solve on my own. Karen assisted me with the promotion side of things, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to do it myself using Canva and social videos” Malwina said.

On how Digital Solutions has helped her achieve her goals, Malwina says: “Through the program, I was able to build my website to a much greater extent and can now create flyers to promote events I’m running.”

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