Shelley Brice Travel

Shelley Brice Travel

Shelley Brice Travel is a luxury travel company offering unique travel experiences. By engaging in the Digital Solutions program, Shelley was able to improve her LinkedIn capabilities and as a result, engagement levels and connections increased significantly whilst her confidence around LinkedIn skyrocketed.

“Digital Solutions advisors Jo Saunders and Sarah Thomson shined a light on a way forward during an overwhelming time, providing a beacon of hope with their knowledge and experiences. They are both approachable and are able to offer expert tips and action plans to follow up with” Shelley said.

“Without the Digital Solutions program, I wouldn’t have known the steps I am now taking to improve on my business, I have structures in place and am able to take measures by utilising the created action plans” Shelley said of how Digital Solutions has helped achieve her goals.

On what she liked most about the program, Shelley says: “Running a business can be lonely but they provide support, so you don’t feel alone. The closing of the borders with COVID-19 meant that I had zero income so the fact that the program is affordable is a gold mine to small business owners.”

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