Smile on Perth

Smile on Perth

Smile on Perth is a dental clinic that focuses on Porcelain veneers and non-invasive cosmetic dental work. They were the first dentistry company to introduce the Medit i500 scanner, new state-of-the-art technology in the field which revolutionises the process of creating smile makeovers, making the process easier for both the patient and dentist.

Co-owner Lara Slotar says their business relies on social media to get their name out there and become successful. Prior to participating in the program, they had challenges surrounding social media marketing, launching a program on social media, and their online booking system.

“After getting the social media platforms set up, we have seen more traction within our business, with an increased customer base, additional bookings and better customer experience due to the streamlined booking platform and our overall brand awareness has increased” Lara says of how Digital Solutions has impacted her goals.

Lara has attended face-to-face workshops as well as one-to-one advisory sessions with advisor Kasia McNaught. Kasia assisted with setting up the business’s social media pages, helped to run adverts and set up the online booking platform for their social platforms.  

“Smile on Perth relies on social media for brand awareness and since my advisory sessions with Kasia, we were able to build a strong program and social media presence” Lara said of how Digital Solutions has helped to achieve her goals.

“My experience with Kasia was phenomenal, she has been working with us from the start and is a wonderful advisor. She understood my business model and what we were trying to achieve. She is highly professional, knowledgeable, responsive and the best thing is she doesn’t push the ideas and believes in discussing and understanding the customer’s viewpoints” Lara said.

On what she liked most about using the program, Lara says: “The Digital Solutions program is highly affordable and offers consultation that otherwise is highly expensive. I have dealt with Kasia and I can bank on her as a very knowledgeable advisor. Overall, the program offers high-quality services with affordable pricing for small businesses.”

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