Whitworth’s Automotive Polishing

Whitworth’s Automotive Polishing

Based in Perth, Whitworth’s Automotive Polishing specialises in paint restoration, car polishing and paint protection.

Prior to joining the Digital Solutions program, co-owner Shelley Whitworth says their main challenge was being a newly established business with limited business knowledge. Additionally, another issue they were facing was not having enough networking experience with other small businesses.

Using the skills she has learned through the Digital Solutions program, Shelley has seen significant growth and an increase in traction with her clients. For example, she started with 100 Facebook followers and has now grown her page to have over 6,000 followers. Her customer base has also seen a 50% increase over a 12-month period.

“Digital Solutions empowered me to set up my goals and targets as well as implement marketing plans and strategies for our website, social media and SEO. The program has helped us become more professional and have a line of sight” Shelley said.

Shelley has utilised the program by attending face to face workshops, interactive online webinars and one to one advisory sessions with advisors Sandra Tricoli, Sarah Thomson, Karen Dauncey and Lisa Kniebe.

Sandra worked with Shelley on her overall marketing and business strategy, Sarah assisted with marketing, Facebook and advertising advice, Karen helped with SEO and Google Ads and Lisa shared some insights into copywriting.

On how Digital Solutions has helped her overcome previous challenges, Shelley said: “Sandra has an amazing contact and network, so she was able to connect me with relevant people in my industry. She also helped me to understand how to generate leads and gave me tips for when meeting with dealerships. During my session with Sarah, she helped me with targeted advertising and provided me with campaign and marketing feedback.”

“The Digital Solutions advisors are highly encouraging, empowering and reconfirming. They have a very high level of professionalism with multiple layers of experience in various areas. The best part is that most of them run their own small businesses, so they know how to resonate and relate with our needs” Shelley said of her experience working with her Digital Solutions advisors.

“The program is super flexible for me and it suits my needs. I usually book a block of 2-3-hour sessions and then work for a couple of months to achieve what was discussed during the sessions. A benefit for me is that the program is highly cost effective, as a micro business we don’t have a big budget. Overall, I am very happy with Business Station, the way they help small businesses and the platforms we use for registering are easy to use” Shelley said on what she likes most about using the Digital Solutions program.

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