TikTok: Tips for Business

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TikTok: Tips for Business

Have you considered using TikTok to promote your business? Downloaded over 2 billion times, and available in more than 200 countries, this platform is a powerful tool you should consider for your marketing strategy.

In 2021, it was the third most downloaded app in Australia and the most downloaded app in the world. As of February 2022, Australian users are spending more time on TikTok than any other social media platform, averaging 23.4 hours a month in comparison with Instagram, where users are spending 8.3 hours, and Facebook with 17.6 hours.

Most TikTok users are between the ages of 13 and 25. However, the platform is starting to see more users that are 30+, making it overlap with what is traditionally the Instagram market (20 to 30) and the Facebook market (30+).

Here are some important details to know so you can use the app effectively for your business:

The For You Page

Users discover new content through the For You page. Videos that appear here are curated around each user’s interests and previous platform engagement, which can include likes, shares, replays and comments. Content that appears is usually from your country and will prioritise accounts you follow.

The Algorithm

TikTok’s algorithm isn’t influenced by follower count or engagement, so the For You page includes content from profiles ranging from new users to major content creators. Similarly, these TikTok videos range from no engagement to videos that have millions of likes. This system allows anyone to go viral and grow their following – the more people engage with a video, the more people the algorithm will show it to.


Like Instagram, TikTok has hashtags that can be used or followed to discover related content. When you use them, they inform the algorithm which can place your content on relevant For You pages. Creating a branded hashtag may also be a good idea – if your followers use it, it can promote community building and help you find relevant user-generated content to comment on. You should also look to your competitors for hashtag inspiration.


Sounds are a powerful TikTok feature – they can influence shareability and popular sounds can go viral as part of TikTok trends. You can do voiceovers and create original sounds or select audio from the in-app music library. Clicking the audio icon on a video lets you discover all other content using it.


TikTok is a great space to build brand awareness and authenticity – you can take people behind the scenes of your business and showcase the people and processes behind your product or service.

Grab Users’ Attention

TikTok is a fast-paced platform, so content needs to grab users’ attention in the first few seconds to stop them from scrolling. Videos can be between 15 seconds and three minutes.

Posting Frequency

You don’t need to post every day, but you should post regularly to build your audience. The more you post, the more chances you get to connect with new users or go viral. Responding to comments is essential, as it will influence your engagement statistics.

Live Videos

When you get to 1000 followers, you can do ‘live videos.’ These are live-streamed and allow you to connect with your audience directly. During this time, they can submit comments and questions that you can answer live. This is another great opportunity to show your authenticity and build a personal connection with followers.

Business Account

When setting up your account, make sure you switch from a personal account to a business one. This can be done by selecting the “…” icon on your profile page (your ‘Me’ page), selecting ‘Manage account’ and then ‘Switch to Business Account.’ Doing this will allow you to access additional information through TikTok’s in-platform analytics tool.

Paid Advertising

This is an ideal option for getting in front of your target audience. To be effective, you need a minimum spend of around $15 a day.


Working with popular creators allows you to advertise without needing to create your own content. There’s also the benefit of a built-in niche audience, whose views will contribute to engagement statistics and the video being show on the For You page for more people. When choosing who to work with, consider their niche and content style to determine if they’re a good fit for your business. If you have someone you want to work with, you can connect with them through messaging or use the TikTok creator marketplace.


Like other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, shares are important because they allow your content to reach a wider audience. When your followers or other TikTok users share your content, it reaches their followers as well. It can also help reactivate videos that weren’t picked up the first time. 

TikTok Trends

These are a great way to create new content and keep posting regularly. However, make sure you only create content around trends that align with your business.

Though it can be hard to keep up with social media platforms and their never-ending updates, TikTok isn’t a platform you should ignore. It offers the potential to get your business name out there and add authenticity to your online presence.

Liam Fahey is an expert in Social Media Marketing. He is one of our Digital Solutions advisors, learn more about the program and how it can help your business here.

Interested in learning more about TikTok for your social media strategy? Book a free 15-minute consultation with Liam here.

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